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45 These countries accept Sinovac vaccinated tourists, Switzerland and the Netherlands Including

Recently, visa information website VisaGuide.World released a list of 45 countries that accept Sinovac vaccinated tourists. The website is also developing a tool to find out whether a tourist destination a tourist wants to visit receives a certain type of vaccine.

Sinovac is a vaccine made by a Chinese pharmaceutical company. On June 1, 2021, Sinovac received approval for emergency use from the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO website lists 39 countries that accept Sinovac, including Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Thailand.

However, not all countries accept foreign tourists who are vaccinated against Sinovac. Because, there are some countries that only accept foreign tourists with vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Meanwhile, based on the EMA website, the types of vaccines approved by the EMA so far are Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), Spikevax (Moderna), Vaxsevria (AstraZeneca), and Comirnaty. Differences Sinovac and Sinopharm Sinovac and Sinopharm are two different vaccines, although they both come from China and are made from a killed virus.

List of 45 countries receiving Sinovac vaccines. The following is a list of 45 countries that accept foreign tourists who receive the Sinovac vaccine, according to VisaGuide.World:

  1. Albania
  2. Armenia
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Brazil
  6. Cambodia
  7. Chile
  8. China
  9. Colombia
  10. Republic
  11. Dominica
  12. Timor Leste
  13. Ecuador
  14. Egypt
  15. El Salvador
  16. Finland
  17. Georgia
  18. Greece
  19. Hong Kong
  20. Iceland
  21. Indonesia
  22. Kazakhstan
  23. Laos
  24. Macedonian
  25. Malaysia
  26. Mexico
  27. Nepal
  28. Dutch
  29. Oman
  30. Pakistan
  31. Panama
  32. Paraguay
  33. Philippines
  34. Serbia
  35. south Africa
  36. Spanish
  37. Sri Lanka
  38. Switzerland
  39. Tajikistan
  40. Thailand
  41. Togo
  42. Tunis
  43. Turkey
  44. Ukraine
  45. Uruguay
  46. Zimbabwe

Different countries, different vaccine regulations

Departing from the list of countries, please keep in mind that different countries apply different rules for the type of vaccine. The reason is, there are several countries that do not specifically mention the type of vaccine that is accepted for arrival.

Ecuador, for example, requires arrivals to the country to show a negative Covid-19 certificate via RT-PCR or antigen within 72 hours before travel, as well as a vaccine certificate at least 14 days before the flight.

There is also Serbia which requires foreign tourists who are allowed to enter to show a complete Covid-19 vaccination certificate submitted by several countries, including Greece, Romania and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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